Extend your RF boundaries

HAROGIC Technologies provides miniaturized, high-performance RF test instruments and transceiver equipment. Since 2015, we focus on the research and development, production and sales of ultra-miniaturized real-time spectrum analyzer/receiver. A full range of real-time spectrum analyzer/receiver products with USB interface (SA series) and Ethernet interface (NX series) with frequency range from 9 kHz to 4.5/6.3/9.5/20/40 GHz have been formed. Through continuous independent innovation, HAROGIC Technologies is making progress in RF microwave front-end, high-speed signal processing, testing and measurement and other basic engineering fields, and strive to make more users enjoy the flexibility and convenience brought by advanced RF design, constantly expand the user’s RF capability boundary, so that RF testing and signal transceiver will no longer be the limit of your innovation. HAROGIC Technologies focus on the product force including: miniaturization, performance and cost.



Product form (size, weight, power consumption) determines the application scenario of the product. HAROGIC Technologies focus on providing highly miniaturized, embedded and portable real-time spectrum analyzer/receiver products. The core weight of products can be less than 200 grams, the size is similar to that of a mobile phone, and the operating temperature can reach -40 ° C to 70 ° C. You can deploy equipment in many scenarios such as various UAVs, dedicated test systems, and handheld test equipment, under significant constraints in space, power consumption, weight, and temperature.



We pursue the highest possible performance metrics while maintaining a high degree of miniaturization. At present, we have increased the frequency coverage of real-time spectrometer/receiver products from 9 kHz to 40 GHz; Some models have DANL as low as -160 dBm/Hz at 20 GHz, others as low as -170 dBm/Hz at 1 GHz; Some models have phase noise as low as -120 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz frequency offset at 10 kHz. Most of the devices are equipped with high-speed spectrum scanning capabilities, with scanning speeds up to 100 GHz+/s or even 1.2 THs+/s and analysis bandwidth up to 100 MHz. HAROGIC Technologies RF instrument performance indicators are achieving continuous and significant improvement.



We strive to enable more users to own HAROGIC Technologies products and benefit from our advanced design. Thanks to our efforts, you can now buy a real-time spectrum analyzer with frequency up to 40 GHz, higher RF performance and analysis bandwidth up to 100 MHz for the price of a 6 GHz narrowband, non-real-time spectrum analyzer. HAROGIC Technologies value your every budget and hopes that our products can bring you more value than expected and provide a strong boost to your innovation.


HAROGIC Technologies was established in 2015.


HAROGIC Technologies launched a generation of USB3.0 spectrum analyzer modular SAC series product in 2016.


HAROGIC Technologies released SAM-60 series USB3.0 module spectrum analyzer in 2017.


HAROGIC Technologies further launched the SAE series of high-performance Superheterodyne spectrum
analysis modules/receivers, covering 9 GHz and 20 GHz in 2021.


HAROGIC Technologies launched NX series network node type superheterodyne spectrum analysis
module/receiver, compatible with SAM-60 MK3H, SAE-90, SAE-200 and other equipment in 2022.


HAROGIC Technologies launched the 40 GHz real-time spectrum analysis
module/receiver SAN-400 and SAM-60 product upgrade to 8.5GHz SAM-80.

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